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ArcGIS Field Maps

The ArcGIS Field Maps app is a free download and can be found in the:

Map Links

There are two Department maps available on ArcGIS Field Maps:

Using ArcGIS Field Maps App

If you already have ArcGIS Field Maps installed on your mobile device, simply click on the map link above and the app will open and load that map.

If you do not have ArcGIS Field Maps installed on your mobile device, clicking on one of the map links above will open a browser window with links to the app stores. You will need to download and install the app.

Search: In the app, to find a Department map, type "NDGF" into the app's search box. This will pull up available Department maps.

Issues and Limitations:

  • With the free version of this app, you can only have one map downloaded to your device at at time.
  • Sign In Unnecessary: The app may ask you to log into your ArcGIS account the first time you try to open a map. You do not need to have an ArcGIS account to use this app.
    • If the app requests you sign in, simply click "Cancel" to close out the screen (left image below) or click on "Skip Sign In" (right image below).
    • You may also need to close the app and click on the map link above again.
Screenshot showing where the cancel link isScreenshot showing where the load without sign in link