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North Dakota Game and Fish Department Calendar Photo Contest

We invite you to submit photographs to be considered for the 2024 OUTDOORS calendar published as the December 2023 issue of North Dakota Outdoors.


The North Dakota Game and Fish Department will award entrants whose photos are selected for the calendar.

  • The photo selected for the cover will receive $250, as it appears not only on the cover, but inside the calendar as well.
  • Entrants whose images are selected for inside use will be paid $150 per photo. Entrants whose work appears in the 2024 calendar will also receive 10 complimentary copies.

Deadline, Entry Limits and Capture Date

  • Entry Deadline: October 2, 2023.
  • Submission Limit Per Photographer: 20 images.
  • Capture Date: Photos must be taken within the last two years (2022 and newer).

How to Enter

Entrants may submit digital images online.

Content Guidelines

  • Images MUST be photographed in North Dakota.
  • We are looking for dynamic images that depict North Dakota Outdoors.
  • Images may show wildlife behavior, portraits of wildlife in their natural habitats, plant life, natural landscapes, or people interacting with nature.
  • We like to use a variety of photographs to highlight North Dakota through the seasons. Mammals, birds, fish, scenics, native plants and wildflowers, and hunting and fishing recreation, are all appropriate subjects. Winter photos are always in short supply.
  • Please do not submit photos of animals in captivity, such as zoos or game farms; bison or feral horses; pets, or livestock; invasive plant or animal species.

Technical Requirements, Naming Convention, Post-Processing, and Watermarks

File type and quality requirements:

  • Format: Images must be uploaded as .tiff, .jpg, or .jpeg.
  • Dimensions: Photos must be horizontal and at least 3499 pixels wide by 2762 pixels tall at 300ppi. Larger images are acceptable and may improve quality.
  • Horizontal curlew image
    Vertical curlew image
  • Aspect Ratio: Images should maintain an aspect ratio of 11.663 inches by 9.206 inches.
  • Flower with proper ratio

    Flower with improper ratio - 1

    Flower with improper ratio - 2

  • File Size: Maximum file size is 50 megabytes per image.
  • Color: Images should be in RGB or sRGB format.

Naming convention:

Images should follow a naming convention of Lastname-Firstname-Photo-Title. Example: Smith-Sally-Mule-Deer-Fawn.


All photos should accurately reflect the subject matter and scene as it appeared.

Photos that have been digitally altered beyond standard optimization will not be considered.

Acceptable changes include

  • adjustments to color, exposure (brightness, contrast, levels, curves);
  • removal of dust, scratches, and dirt;
  • cropping;
  • lens corrections.

The use of HDR (high dynamic range) where multiple exposures of the same scene are combined and similar processes for extended depth of field are permitted, but such modifications must be disclosed.

Changes that are not acceptable are

  • composites (combining more than one photo not of the same scene),
  • the addition, duplication, deletion, or moving of objects in the photos,
  • or the use of artistic filters and effects.
    • Examples of artistic filters and effects include but are not limited to watercolor, neon glow, stained glass and others which do not show the scene as it occurred in nature.
  • Sceinic with no filter

    Sceinic with filter

  • Please do not sharpen images.


Entrants who submit watermarked images will be requested to provide non-watermarked images if photo is chosen for publication.

User Agreement

By submitting an entry, photographers grant permission to the North Dakota Game and Fish Department to publish winning photographs in North Dakota OUTDOORS calendar, on the Department’s website, (in the online version of the calendar), as well as the agency social media channels (in posts related to the calendar).


Don't submit photos of domestic animals, livestock, feral horses or captive wildlife.

Feral horse

Do submit sharp images.
(click on an image to enlarge)

Elk in focus
Elk out of focus

Don't submit images with a lot of "noise".
(click on an image to enlarge)

Tree sparrow image with little noise
Tree sparrow image with a lot of noise

Submit Photos

If you have any questions, please contact Ron Wilson at 701-328-6315. We look forward to seeing your photos.

(Note: If you have trouble accessing the form below use the one here.)