Classroom Aids

Resources For Instructors

The resources below may be checked out for two week periods by teachers for use in their classrooms. Resources are available on a first come first served basis. Teachers in the Bismarck area may reserve a resource by calling the Department's Outreach Assistant at 701-328-6615. Teachers outside of the Bismarck area can contact a Game and Fish district office or their local teacher center. Teachers must arrange pickup and return of all materials.

All instructional materials are free.

Wildlife of North Dakota Trunk - This trunk comes complete with skins, skulls, feet and other parts of wildlife found in North Dakota.  The truck also contains a curriculum to use in your classroom.  All specimens are labeled!

The Whale - The whale is inflated with a standard box fan and is used to teach the importance of all wildlife.  Educators can use the integrated curriculum that comes with the whale to teach math, science, language arts, social studies and art.

Birding Backpack - The backpack contains five sets of binoculars and birding guides for birds seen in North Dakota.  This is a good resource for educators teaching a field biology course.