Encouraging Tomorrow's Hunters Grant

The Encouraging Tomorrow's Hunters Grant Program provides grant funding for clubs and organizations that conduct shooting and hunting activities for the youth of North Dakota. The intent is to introduce the youth of our state to a positive shooting and hunting experience that will increase the chance that young people will continue to participate in these activities in the future.

The maximum grant allowed is $3,000. This grant program currently helps fund approximately 40 clubs and organizations with the average grant of $1,550.

Nonprofit civic, fraternal, wildlife and shooting organizations that are registered with the North Dakota Secretary of State’s office to provide public service are eligible to apply.

Reimbursements may be paid for advertising and promotion, event insurance premiums, event specific equipment rental (tent, trailer, sanitary facility, etc.), non-monetary landowner appreciation gifts, ammunition, targets and safety equipment. Events must include a 25% in-kind match which includes volunteer time (calculated at $25/hr), and/or other expenses.

Application Forms and Records Requirements

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For additional information email ndgf@nd.gov.