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Whopper Club/Catch and Release Club

Whopper Weigh Station Locations

Whopper Club

Whopper Club Sticker

Only species listed and meeting minimum weight requirements will qualify for a recognition sticker and certificate. Only one application may be made for each species in a lifetime.

An application card must be filled out, giving weight and length of fish, date and where caught, signature of applicant, and signature of person weighing the fish. Applications must be submitted within 90 days of when the fish was caught. Application cards can be found on the Department’s website and select bait shops around the state.

All fish entered must have been harvested by legal methods as described in the North Dakota fishing guide and come from North Dakota waters open to public fishing. Entries must be weighed on a scale used in trade.

Whopper Club Application: print, fill out, and mail to the Department.

Catch and Release Club

Catch and Release Sticker

Entries must meet minimum length requirements and be released unharmed back to the water. Another angler must witness and verify the measurement and release.

Qualifying anglers will receive a recognition sticker and certificate. A maximum of five entries per year per species will be recognized. Applications must be submitted within 90 days of when the fish was caught.

Catch and Release Club Application:  print, fill out, and mail to the Department.

Searchable Fishing Club database

Whopper Club and Catch and Release Club data search, including state record fish. Direct data connection to fishing club data entry.

Whopper and Catch and Release Minimums

Qualification Minimums
Species Minimum Whopper
Minimum Catch and
Release Club
Game Fish
Northern Pike 20lbs. 36 inches
Walleye* 8lbs. 25 inches
Saugeye 8lbs. 25 inches
Sauger 4lbs. 20 inches
Yellow Perch 1lb. 12 oz. 13 inches
Bluegill 1lb. 4 oz. 10 inches
Crappie 1lb. 8 oz. 13 inches
White Bass 3lbs. 16 inches
Largemouth Bass 5lbs. 18 inches
Smallmouth Bass 3lbs. 18 inches
Tiger Muskie 30lbs. 40 inches
Muskellunge (Pure) 30lbs. 40 inches
Channel Catfish 12lbs. 30 inches
Burbot (Ling) 8lbs. 28 inches
Rainbow Trout 5lbs. 21 inches
Brown Trout 5lbs. 21 inches
Cutthroat Trout 5lbs. 21 inches
Chinook Salmon 12lbs.  
Paddlefish 70lbs.  
*This includes zander in Spiritwood/Alkali Lakes.
Whitefish 4lbs.  
Cisco 1lb. 12 oz.  
Bullhead 2lbs.  
Drum 6lbs.  
Buffalo 20lbs.  
Carp 15lbs.  
Goldeye 2lbs.