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Fisheries staff conducting dissolved oxygen test on frozen lake

Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring

(Last Updated - 3/24/2023)

Department staff measures dissolved oxygen during annual water quality sampling in lakes across the state. Most sampling occurs in late January through February.

While staff don't sample every lake in the state, attention is focused on lakes where fisheries managers are concerned with the potential for low dissolved oxygen.

When last tested, the lakes listed below had oxygen concentrations below 2 ppm, which is a threshold that causes concern for biologists.

Winterkill is not guaranteed at those levels, but some of the lakes on this list may experience some level of winterkill.

If anglers observe large numbers of dead fish on any of these, or other lakes, they should report it to the Game and Fish Department (701-328-6349).

(LAST UPDATED - 3/24/2023)
Barnes Blumer's Pond
Barnes Clauson Lake
Barnes Island Lake
Bottineau Carbury Dam
Bowman Kalina Dam
Bowman Lutz Dam
Bowman Spring Lake
Burleigh Mitchell Lake
Cass Casselton Reservoir
Cass N Woodhaven Pond
Dickey Pheasant Lake
Dickey Wilson Dam
Eddy Battle Lake
Emmons Baumgartner Lake
Emmons Jake's Lake
Foster Juanita Lake
Griggs Red Willow Lake
Hettinger Blickensderfer Dam
Hettinger Castle Rock Dam
Hettinger Larson Lake
Hettinger Mott Watershed Dam
Kidder Deer Lake
Kidder Etta-Alkaline Complex
Kidder Geneva, Lake
Kidder Lake #5
Kidder Lee Leno Lake
Kidder Leno Lake
Kidder Rafferty Lake
Kidder Ranch Lake
Kidder Seil Lake
Kidder Trautman Lake
LaMoure Alfred Lake
LaMoure East Kalmbach Lake
LaMoure Kalmbach Lake
LaMoure Limesand-Seefeldt Dam
LaMoure S. Flood Lake
LaMoure Schlenker Dam
Logan Beaver Lake
Logan Erickson Lake
Logan North Lake Napoleon
Logan West Lake Napoleon
McHenry Buffalo Lodge Lake
McHenry Cottonwood Lake
McHenry George Lake
McIntosh Becker-Schlepp Lake
McIntosh Clear Lake
McIntosh McIntosh WMA
McLean Brush Lake
McLean Coal Lake
McLean Crooked Lake
McLean Scooby Lake
Morton Crown Butte Dam
Morton Danzig Dam
Morton Gaebe Pond
Morton Glen Ullin Reservoir
Morton Krieg's Pond
Mountrail Clearwater Lake
Pierce Buffalo Lake (Pierce County)
Pierce Lesmeister Lake
Sargent Deuce Lake
Sheridan Bender Lake
Sheridan Coal Mine Lake
Sheridan Mud Lake
Sheridan Richard, Lake
Slope Cedar Lake
Stark Dickinson Dike
Steele Finley Dam (Lynch Lake)
Steele North Golden Lake
Stutsman Crystal Springs Lake
Stutsman Cyzewski Lake
Stutsman Fox Lake (Stutsman)
Stutsman Gaier Lake
Stutsman Pleasant Lake
Stutsman Stirton Lake, North
Stutsman Streeter Lake
Stutsman Wanzek Slough
Stutsman Zimmerman Lake
Ward North Carlson Lake
Ward South Carlson Lake
Wells Goose Lake (Wells County)
Wells Harvey Dam
Wells Heaton Slough Complex
Wells Sykeston Dam
Williams Cottonwood Lake
Williams McLeod (Ray) Reservoir