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Ice Fishing Augers

Types: there are different types of augers each with pros and cons.

  • Hand powered: Take longer, especially in thick ice but they’re light and the most affordable.
  • Cost: ~$50 - $100
  • Gas auger: Heavier and more expensive than a hand auger, but they don’t need to be charged like an electric auger and they drill quicker and more powerfully than a hand auger.
  • Cost: ~$200 - $400
  • Electric auger: Light, powerful, and less messy than gas augers, but also the most expensive. They also make electric augers that can be attached to and powered by a cordless drill.
  • Cost: ~$300 - $600

Most Versatile

Hand auger

Hand powered auger example
Hand Powered Auger

Gas powered auger example
Gas Auger

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