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Ice Fishing Miscellaneous Gear

Ice Picks

Example ice picks

Handheld 1-2” spikes connected by a cord that allow you to pull yourself up on the ice should you fall in.

Ice Skimmer

Example ice skimmer

Used to remove the remaining slush and ice from the hole after drilling.

Ice Shanty

Example ice house

Portable ice houses come in a variety of types, sizes and insulation levels. They can certainly make for a more pleasant experience on cold, windy days, allowing you to retain heat and stay out of the wind.

Ice Spikes

Example spikes for boots

Attach to boots and improve grip for walking on ice, especially if trying to pull a sled full of gear, reducing your risk of falling.

Propane heater

Example heater

Portable propane heaters can easily heat an ice house and make for a more comfortable fishing setting.


Example equipment sled

As you can tell, the gear is stacking up. Towing a sled behind you can make it easy to carry your auger, heater, house, fishing gear, etc., to your destination.

Tackle Box

Example tackle box

Used to to hold your tackle.


Example needle-nosed plyers

Handy to have readily accessible for safe and fast hook removal.


Example bucket

Used to sit on, hold gear or transport frozen fish (but remember it is illegal to transport water due to ANS spread concerns.)

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