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Permitted Fishing Tournaments

The following tournament information is applicable for all planned tournaments April 1, 2024 and thereafter; if interested in sponsoring a winter tournament yet this year, contact the Department at 328-6349 for application information.

Upcoming North Dakota Fishing Tournaments (pdf)

A fishing contest in which prizes or cash are given for catching fish from waters open to the public must receive a permit from the Game and Fish Department.


  • Individual big fish promotions sponsored by resident, local businesses not charging any entry or participation fee.
  • Any local fishing tournament charging an entry or participation fee of less than $50 per angler unless there are more than 49 participating individuals or 14 participating boats.
  • An organized youth fishing event if participants are under the age of nineteen or enrolled in a high school.
  • An online contest not held on a single body of water.

A completed online application, along with the tournament sponsor rules and regulations, must be submitted to the Department within 30 days of the pending contest.

Application, Post Contest Report, Provisions, Law

  • Application
    • Tournament permits require a $75 non-refundable application fee.
    • Apply online.
      • Once logged into your personal customer account, scroll down the Specialty Licenses Section. Select Fishing Tournament from the menu to begin the process.
      • You must attach a digital copy of the tournament rules to the online application.
    • Any tournament held by a nonprofit organization must provide a Tax Identification Number.
  • Post Contest Report
    • Report online.
      • Similar to the application process, log into your personal customer account to complete.
      • The "report" option will be available the day after the permitted event.
      • The report must include the number of contest participants, the quantity and species of fish taken in the contest, and the total amount and recipient of the conservation fee.
    • Failure to submit this report is justification for denial of future fishing contest permits.
  • General Provisions
  • Law