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This listing will be updated throughout the session as bills are introduced and progress.

Legislation List
Bill Identification Status Sort descending Hearing Date Summary House Vote Senate Vote
SB2054 Failed

Grants provided by the Outdoor Heritage Fund would no longer give preference to those that enhanced conservation practices, and adds a requirement that ensures a geographical balance of members is maintained.

SB2201 Failed

Allows a nonresident to purchase a waterfowl license that is valid for three four-day periods for $200, and $50 of the fee must be used for the Private Land Open To Sportsmen program. Passed senate. Failed house.

18-72 35-10
HB1451 Failed

Would require a mandatory waiting period of three days between the purchase and delivery of a firearm.

SB2315 Failed

Would have changed the North Dakota century code on trespassing and posting of land, and provided a study. An individual may hunt on private property without obtaining permission unless the land is legally posted or the individual is asked to leave by the landowner; a landowner may submit electronic information designated posted or closed to hunters if the state or a third party develops an online database or an electronic application which identifies if land is available for hunting; a person may not act as a hunting guide or outfitter on private land without first obtaining permission from the landowner; an individual is guilty of a class B misdemeanor for a first offense and a class A misdemeanor for a second or subsequent offense for criminal trespass; and repeals a section of the century code pertaining to prima facie evidence of intent to hunt game. In addition, during the 2019-20 interim, a 14 member land access committee (with nine voting members) will study access to public and private lands for hunting, trapping and fishing and related issues, including trespass violations and penalties, and provide recommendations regarding a land access database with capabilities of electronic posting. The study committee may establish a trial electronic posting and hunter access information system in up to three counties prior to August 1, 2020, and report findings and recommendations to the 67th legislative assembly.

44-48 29-17
HB1413 Failed

Would require public notice of a wildlife survey in the official county newspaper, and on the website and social media accounts of the person/agency conducting the survey, at least 30 days prior to the start of the survey. 

HB1423 Failed

Legislative management, during the 2019-20 interim, would study the eligibility for gratis licenses authorizing residents to hunt elk or moose, and report findings to the 67th legislative assembly.

HB1257 Failed

Would allow an individual over age 65 to hunt deer with a muzzleloader with a telescopic sight of up to four-power magnification.

HB1290 Failed

Sets guidelines for law enforcement officers entering and searching buildings or private land. Passed house. Senate amended to make it a legislative study, that during the 2019-20 interim, legislative management shall consider studying the fourth amendment of the Constitution of the United States, including the investigation, search and seizure of private land, livestock and buildings, and report findings and recommendations to the sixty-seventh legislative assembly.

64-29 4-43
HB1428 Failed

Would establish a Missouri River council to provide for the acquisition and management of the shoreline of the Missouri River.

HB1294 Failed

Requires traps or snares for furbearers to be checked at least every 48 hours.

HB1323 Failed

Defines a dangerous and concealed weapon.

SB2260 Failed

Would allow a nonresident who owns land in North Dakota, or any member of the family residing with the nonresident, to purchase a nonresident landowner trapping license for $100 to trap on the land. Passed senate. Failed house.

30-60 43-3
HB1331 Failed

Would allow anglers to purchase a lifetime fishing license.

SB2285 Failed

Would allow a nonresident to purchase a statewide waterfowl license for $500 that is valid for the remainder of the season after the first week.

SB2183 Failed

Would allow a live bait wholesaler or vendor to transport into the state and sell live white suckers to be used as bait in the Red River. 

HB1232 Failed

Would allow taxidermists or meat processors to receive certification for handling, sterilization and processing of big game animals from areas with documented cases of chronic wasting disease. In addition, an individual may transport from within or into the state for taxidermy or meat processing purposes the carcass of big game animals from an area documented with CWD.

HB1430 Failed

Relates to big game gratis license eligibility. 

HB1357 Failed

Defines who is eligible for a gratis tag for hunting moose, and allows applicants to apply annually regardless if already issued a license. 

SB2055 Signed

Allows Game and Fish to get approval from either the legislative assembly or budget section for each land acquisition of at least 10 acres or $10,000. Vetoed by governor. Senate passed over veto. House passed over veto. Filed by secretary of state.

91-1 47-0
HB1366 Signed

Allows the use of a telescopic sight on a crossbow with a maximum power of 8x32. 

89-0 46-0
SB2261 Signed

Amends the energy conversion and transmission facilities section of the century code, relating to conditions imposed on designation of sites, corridors and routes.

81-12 41-6
SB2058 Signed

Amends the North Dakota Century Code relating to the outdoor heritage fund, whereas grant applications that are eligible to be forwarded to the industrial commission must receive a favorable recommendation from a majority of the outdoor heritage advisory board members.

85-6 43-4
HB1286 Signed

Amends the North Dakota century code relating to law enforcement agencies reporting seizures and forfeitures.

55-37 43-4
HB1066 Signed

Returns the funding limit to the North Dakota Outdoor Heritage Fund to $20 million per fiscal year.

80-12 46-0
SB2239 Signed

Defines open records laws/exemptions of animal tracking data bases for animal health purposes, including state and federal agencies would be able to collect information to assist in animal disease control or tracing an animal disease. Declared an emergency measure.

87-0 47-0
SB2342 Signed

Any boat operated between the hours of midnight and 5 a.m. may not produce a noise in excess of 88 decibels for more than 10 minutes.

60-25 29-17
SB2138 Signed

Allows advanced practice registered nurses and physician assistants, in addition to a physician, to verify the physical condition necessary for individuals to qualify for a shoot from a stationary motor vehicle permit.

90-0 47-0
HB1412 Signed

Allows the use of night vision, thermal vision or infrared light with a power source of not more than six volts while hunting coyote, fox, raccoon or beaver during the open season. The artificial light must produce a red, green or amber color. In addition, allows the use of night vision, thermal vision or infrared light on a predatory animal attacking and attempting to destroy poultry, livestock or other property. 

88-1 45-1
SB2358 Signed

Relates to Red River valley water supply project contract terms, elimination of voter approval requirements and notice of proposed subsurface water management systems.

76-16 46-1
HB1209 Signed

Allows the use of dogs in the recovery of big game animals.

92-0 33-13