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This listing will be updated throughout the session as bills are introduced and progress.

Legislation List
Bill Identification Status Hearing Date Summary House Vote Senate Vote
SB2201 Failed

Allows a nonresident to purchase a waterfowl license that is valid for three four-day periods for $200, and $50 of the fee must be used for the Private Land Open To Sportsmen program. Passed senate. Failed house.

18-72 35-10
SB2239 Signed

Defines open records laws/exemptions of animal tracking data bases for animal heath purposes, including state and federal agencies would be able to collect information to assist in animal disease control or tracing an animal disease. Declared an emergency measure.

87-0 47-0
SB2260 Failed

Would allow a nonresident who owns land in North Dakota, or any member of the family residing with the nonresident, to purchase a nonresident landowner trapping license for $100 to trap on the land. Passed senate. Failed house.

30-60 43-3
SB2261 Passed

Amends the energy conversion and transmission facilities section of the century code, relating to conditions imposed on designation of sites, corridors and routes.

81-12 41-6
SB2285 Failed

Would allow a nonresident to purchase a statewide waterfowl license for $500 that is valid for the remainder of the season after the first week.

SB2293 Active

Would create an aquatic nuisance species program fund used for education, inspection and monitoring. Establishes a $3 surcharge on each resident fishing license and combination license with the exceptions for a resident who is 65 years of age or older, permanently or totally disabled, or a disabled veteran. In addition, includes a $6 surcharge on each nonresident fishing license and each nonresident waterfowl license. The collected surcharge fees must be deposited in the ANS fund. Passed senate. House amended to remove the surcharge, and establishes an ANS fee of $15 for each motorboat licensed in North Dakota to run concurrent with motorboat licensure, and an ANS fee of $15 to be paid for the calendar year for every boat that is not licensed in this state. Includes an emergency measure. Passed house. Senate refused to concur. Conference committee recommended ANS fees on motorboats take effect January 1, 2020. In addition, recommended a surcharge of $2 on each resident fishing license or combination license (except for a resident who is 65 years of age or older, permanently or totally disabled, or a disabled veteran) and $3 on each nonresident fishing license and nonresident waterfowl hunting license. The surcharge fees would take effect April 1, 2020. 

71-20 45-2
SB2315 Active

Would create an electronic database using color coding identifying if private land is open to hunters, closed to hunters, or open to hunters with permission, in addition to the current law requiring physical posting of signs. The database will be maintained by a hunters access advisory group, and is the intent of the legislative assembly to be operational by the fall hunting season of 2020 with several counties included, and with all counties included by September 2022. In addition, during the 2019-20 interim, legislative management will study access to public and private lands. Passed senate. House divided the bill on the floor. The portion of the bill that remains states an individual may not remain on private property that is open to the public after being requested to leave the property; an individual may hunt on private property without obtaining permission unless the land is legally posted or the individual is asked to leave by the landowner; a trapper must receive written permission from the landowner to enter private land; a person may not act as a hunting guide or outfitter on private lands without first obtaining permission from the landowner. The portion of the bill that was removed included the 13 member land access committee which would have provided recommendations, including on electronic posting of land, to legislative management by Aug. 1, 2020. Passed house. Senate refused to concur. Conference committee appointed. 

55-38 28-18
SB2342 Passed

Any boat operated between the hours of midnight and 5 a.m. may not produce a noise in excess of 88 decibels for more than 10 minutes.

60-25 29-17
SB2358 Passed

Relates to Red River valley water supply project contract terms, elimination of voter approval requirements and notice of proposed subsurface water management systems.

76-16 46-1