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This listing will be updated throughout the session as bills are introduced and progress.

Legislation List
Bill Identification Status Hearing Date Summary House Vote Senate Vote
SB2201 Active

Allows a nonresident to purchase a waterfowl license that is valid for three four-day periods for $200, and $50 of the fee must be used for the Private Land Open To Sportsmen program. Passed senate.

SB2239 Active

Defines open records laws/exemptions of animal tracking data bases for animal heath purposes, including state and federal agencies would be able to collect information to assist in animal disease control or tracing an animal disease. Passed senate.

SB2260 Active

Would allow a nonresident who owns land in North Dakota, or any member of the family residing with the nonresident, to purchase a nonresident landowner trapping license for $100 to trap on the land. Passed senate.

SB2261 Active

Would establish protocol for both direct and indirect environmental impact mitigation. Passed senate.

SB2285 Failed

Would allow a nonresident to purchase a statewide waterfowl license for $500 that is valid for the remainder of the season after the first week. Failed senate.

SB2293 Active

Would create an aquatic nuisance species program fund used for education, inspection and monitoring. The state treasurer would transfer annually to the ANS fund from the highway tax distribution fund an amount generated by taxes paid by registered watercraft for motor vehicle fuels, and from the general fund reported retail sales of boats and watercraft. In addition, a $3 surcharge on each fishing and waterfowl hunting license issued must be collected and credited to the ANS fund.  Committee amended to eliminate the transfers from the highway tax distribution fund and from the general fund, and to establish a $3 surcharge on each resident fishing license except for a resident who is 65 years of age or older, permanently or totally disabled, or a disabled veteran. In addition, a $6 surcharge on each nonresident fishing license and each nonresident waterfowl license. Recommended 6-0 do pass.

SB2315 Active

Would require permission from the landowner to hunt on private land. Currently permission must be received if the land is posted. Committee heard 01/25, no action taken.

SB2342 Active

Would regulate excessive noise of airboats. Passed senate.

SB2358 Active

Would provide for a legislative management study regarding the use of the term "watercourse" in the North Dakota Century Code. Passed senate.