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Outdoor Legislation

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This listing will be updated throughout each session as bills are introduced and progress.

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Legislation List
Bill Identification Status Hearing Date Sort descending Summary House Vote Senate Vote
HB 1113 Signed

Requires written permission from the owner of the property, or an individual authorized by the owner, to place bait for the purpose of attracting wildlife and to install camera/video equipment. In addition, the equipment must be identified. Penalty for baiting violation is a class 1 noncriminal for first offense; a second or subsequent violation is a fine of $250. Passed house and senate. Signed by governor.

94-0 47-0
SB 2144 Signed

Allows the option to designate the land as posted or closed to hunting in an online database or other electronic application, and provides a penalty for trespass. Passed senate. Passed house.

89-3 44-2
HB 1242 Signed

An individual who was issued an apprentice hunter validation license in 2020-21 may receive another one. Passed house and senate. Signed by governor.

91-0 45-2
SB 2211 Failed

Allows the use of an artificial light with a power source of not more than six volts while hunting furbearer, ground squirrel, prairie dog, porcupine, rabbit or skunk, excluding the regular deer gun season. Passed senate. Failed house.

13-79 28-19
HB 1327 Failed

Allows former residents who lived in North Dakota for at least 10 years to receive one percent of the total deer gun licenses. Failed house.

HB 1081 Signed

Relates to access and activities on trust lands, and provides a penalty. Passed house and senate. Signed by governor. 

68-25 40-7
HB 1017 Signed

Appropriates $92,368,134 to the Game and Fish Department for the biennium beginning July 1, 2021 and ending June 30, 2023. Passed house. Passed senate.

81-12 46-1
SB 2038 Failed

Allows the option to designate the land as posted or closed to hunting in an online database or other electronic application. Failed senate.

HB 1120 Failed

Allows a resident who is entitled to purchase a disabled veteran deer license to hunt white-tailed deer five days preceding the youth deer hunting season and during the regular deer gun hunting season. In addition, 100 licenses would be available each year, and taken from the five units with the lowest selection rates for hunting licenses. The licenses may not be used in those units, and are not valid on public lands. An individual who receives one of these licenses may not apply in the deer gun lottery. Passed house. Failed senate.

91-0 8-39
HB 1178 Failed

Nonresident members of the armed forces who qualify to receive a resident license may apply for and be issued a lottery license for deer. Failed house.

HB 1270 Failed

An individual is guilty of an infraction by placing a trail camera, etc., on private property without written permission from the owner or occupant. In addition, the device must have identification. Failed house.

HB 1411 Signed

An individual may use an artificial light to pursue on the individual's premises at any time throughout the year any predatory animal attempting to destroy property. Passed house and senate. Signed by governor.

92-2 47-0
HB 1221 Signed

Adds clarification to section 47-05-17 of century code, relating to an exemption from prohibition against severing hunting rights from surface estates. Passed house and senate. Signed by governor.

65-26 45-2
HB 1340 Failed

A law enforcement officer would not be able to enter private property for search and seizure without permission is prohibited. Failed house.  

SB 2036 Signed

Legislative management shall continue to study the electronic land access database and application during the 2021-22 interim, and expand it to all counties. Passed senate and house. Signed by governor.

91-2 45-2
SB 2118 Failed

Increases game and fish violations for a class 1 noncriminal offense from $50 to $100, and a class 2 noncriminal offense from $25 to $50. Failed senate.

SB 2143 Failed

Allows solid flourescent pink or a camouflage pattern of at least 50% flourescent orange or pink to be worn by big game hunters. Passed senate. Failed house.

14-78 43-4
HB 1218 Signed

Nonresidents who own land in North Dakota may hunt during the first seven days of the pheasant season on land they enroll in the PLOTS program. Passed house and senate. Signed by governor.

92-0 46-1
SB 2172 Failed

Applicants age 75 and older would be able to enter their name twice in the moose lottery. Passed senate. Failed house.

34-78 27-20
SB 2184 Failed

Certified hunter education instructors would be issued a license to hunt any legal deer during the deer gun season. In addition, hunter ed instructors who have taught for the preceding five years would be issued one bighorn sheep, elk or moose license. Failed senate.

HCR 3006 Passed

A concurrent resolution urging Congress and the President of the United States to protect the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. House adopted. Senate adopted.

92-1 46-1
SB 2037 Failed

Amends a section of century code relating to criminal trespass and electronic posting, including an individual would be guilty of a class A misdemeanor by entering an enclosed fence; and the name of a person would not have to appear on each sign on physically posted land. Failed senate.