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Navigational Safety Zone Begins Around BNSF Bridge Project

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department, under U.S. Coast Guard authority, has issued a regulatory permit to provide for a safety zone around the Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railroad bridge project on the Missouri River in Bismarck.

The zone is marked with several lighted, floating buoys and encloses an area from the west bank of the Missouri River, north of the project staging area to approximately 400 feet to the east, and then south approximately 600 feet and back to the west bank of the river. The buoys are marked with “No Boats” symbols, yellow flashing lights for night visibility, and always restricts boat access within the enclosed area.

A navigation channel will be maintained between the enclosed area and the east bank of the river.

This permit is in place to protect people and boat traffic during the construction project and will be in effect during the open water months.   

It will be considered a violation if a boat enters the safety zone without authorization. A violation of the regulatory buoys is considered noncriminal and is subject to a fine under North Dakota Administrative Code 30-05-01-07.