An ARM Approach at Understanding the Interactions between Landscape, Vegetation Type, Grassland Bird Productivity, Alternative Prey, and Predator Density (SWG T-43-R)

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Mike Eichholz, Southern Illinois University Carbondale


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Population Study

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Grassland Birds

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grassland birds nesting vegetation predator prey landscape


The interactions between grassland bird nest success, nest density, seed mix, cover type, cover age, patch size, cover isolation, vegetation structure, primary and alternative prey abundance, predator community composition, predator abundance and distribution, and management actions are unclear and require a long term study which is currently being developed. This project will aid in launching the long-term study by providing baseline data on how bird productivity, vegetation structure, alternative prey density and predator density interact under current environmental conditions. The proposed long-term study will incorporate these results into management actions that modify the habitat, allowing tests of predictions based on results of this study.