Removal of Russian Olive Trees and Other Woody Vegetation in Grassland, Wetland, and Riparian Habitats (SWG T-20-D-1, T-20-R)


The Russian olive, with its tendency to spread quickly, is a menace to riparian woodlands, threatening strong, native species such as cottonwood and willow trees. They are responsible for out competing native vegetation, interfering with natural plant succession and nutrient cycling in marshlands in the western United States. The North Dakota Game and Fish Department will purchase a Timber Ax for removing Russian olive and other woody encroachment from state owned Wildlife Management Areas (WMA). Controlling the spread of Russian olive and other unwanted woody encroachment, such as Siberian Elm, on North Dakota Game and Fish Department WMA’s will enhance wildlife habitat for grassland and wetland birds and restore riparian areas.

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North Dakota Game and Fish Department - Jeb Williams

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Numerous grassland and wetland associated species

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SWG Russian olive
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