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Recommended Management Practices for Reducing Oil/Gas Impacts to Wildlife

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This document is a compilation of recommendations developed by the North Dakota Petroleum Council and the North Dakota Game and Fish Department for use in reducing oil/gas exploration and production impacts to fish and wildlife resources in North Dakota.  It should be recognized these recommendations are largely voluntary and are not necessarily comprehensive in nature.  These recommendations are considered to be contemporary “best management practices” based on the latest advances in technology and methodology for oil and gas exploration, extraction, production, and delivery; and are subject to change and revision.   Additionally, numerous state and federal statutes and requirements have been established to guide and govern various aspects of oil/gas related activities and to protect migratory birds, bald and golden eagles, and threatened and endangered species and their habitats.  The attached recommendations do not supplant those requirements.


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North Dakota Game and Fish Department, North Dakota Petroleum Council
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Energy Development
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