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Wetland Restoration Loss of Production Payments to Restore Critical Habitat for Species of Conservation Priority in ND (SWG T2-9-R)

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This project will provide loss of production payments to private landowners who are willing to restore drained wetlands.  This project will work in conjunction with existing wetland restoration programs offered by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and other organizations on lands not currently enrolled in other federal rental programs.  Currently existing wetland restoration programs offer cost-share assistance to complete the construction aspect of restoring wetlands.  This will be valuable in providing a payment to off-set the revenue lost due to the wetland restoration to persuade producers to enroll. Landowners have repeatedly expressed interest in receiving funds to off-set existing agricultural economic gains on restored wetland projects.  This will provide the motivation for landowners to enroll into wetland restoration programs and receive funds to off-set lost revenue.


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North Dakota Natural Resources Trust- Terry Allbee
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