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Webcast Audio

Audio files listed here are derived from the North Dakota Game and Fish Department weekly webcasts which feature Department news, people and projects, hunting and fishing previews and more.

2017 Fall Advisory Board Meetings

Mark your calendar – The 2017 fall advisory board meetings have been scheduled for the last week in November and the first week in December. These public meetings, held each spring and fall, provide citizens with an opportunity to discuss fish and wildlife issues and ask questions of their district advisors and agency personnel. Learn more in this week’s webcast, and find the meeting nearest you.

Deer Hunting Questions

The 2017 deer gun season starts noon November 10. In this week’s webcast, chief game warden Bob Timian answers some of the common deer season questions hunters have.

Deer Gun Season Preview

There were 54,500 deer tags available this year (10% more than last year). So how is this season looking for those lucky enough to draw a tag? Find out in this week’s webcast with wildlife division chief Jeb Williams.

Deer Rut

Over eons, deer have evolved to increase their testosterone production based upon photoperiod. The shortening of days triggers chemical changes in the brain of male deer which in turn cause the production of testosterone. This helps prepare bucks for the mating season. The peak of rut in North Dakota is around November 6 for white-tailed deer and November 18  for mule deer. This timing allows fawns to be born in early June when food is most nutritious for their nursing mothers.

Hunting Surveys

Many of you will be receiving hunting survey’s from the Department this fall. Information gathered from these surveys plays a critical role in determining harvest limits for the next year. Learn more in this week’s webcast.

Deer Disease Update

Epizootic hemorrhagic disease and chronic wasting disease both impact deer populations here in North Dakota. EHD is caused by a virus transferred by midges, and CWD is caused by a prion. Both kill infected deer. CWD is very persistent in the environment and has been found in the south central part of the state. North Dakota has a voluntary CWD surveillance program. Hunters are asked to participate by dropping off deer heads at collection sites (

Fall Fish Reproduction Surveys

Each year towards the end of summer fisheries personnel are out on our lakes and rivers conducting fish reproduction surveys. These surveys are designed to help evaluate stocking success and natural reproduction, information used in future management planning. So how are things looking in our waters this year? Find out in this week’s webcast with fisheries management section leader Scott Gangl.

2017 Pheasant Season Preview

Pheasant observations during this year’s roadside surveys were down 61% from last year. In this week’s webcast, wildlife division chief Jeb Williams discusses why pheasant numbers are down and what to expect during this fall’s hunting season.

Waterfowl Season Preview 2017

With the May breeding survey showing the overall duck population in North Dakota to be down about 15 percent and with drought impacting the state this summer, how is the fall waterfowl season actually shaping up? Find out in this week’s webcast with waterfowl biologist Mike Szymanski.

Fall Fisheries Work

Fall is a busy time for our fisheries staff. Crews are out doing  reproduction surveys, collecting salmon eggs to raise at the Garrison hatchery, stocking a few more lakes and working on fisheries improvement projects. Learn more about what the fisheries division is working on in this week’s webcast.

Report All Poachers

What should you do if you witness a hunting or fishing violation? The Report All Poachers program provides numbers you can call (701-328-9921 or 1-800-472-2121) any time day or night to report hunting or fishing violations. You can remain anonymous if you choose. Learn more on this week’s webcast with chief game warden Bob Timian.

Grouse, Partridge, and Fall Turkey Season Previews

Find out how the rough start to winter last year and the drought this summer have impacted our upland game bird populations and our hunting season prospects in this week’s webcast with upland game biologist RJ Gross.

Furbearer Seasons Update 2017

It is starting to feel like fall and trapping seasons are right around the corner. Find out what changes have been made to furbearer regulations since last year and how the upcoming seasons are shaping up in this week’s webcast with furbearer biologist Stephanie Tucker.

Operation Dry Water

Operation Dry Water is a national campaign to raise awareness of boating and drinking. Statewide, law enforcement will be concentrating on education about and enforcement of boating drinking safety and laws. Operation Dry Water is the last day of June 30th through July 2nd.

Fish Stocking

Fish stocking is critical for recreational fishing in North Dakota. The North Dakota Game and Fish Department stocked almost 250 lakes last year. Find out more about the stocking program in this week’s webcast with fisheries division chief Greg Power.

2017 Pheasant Crowing Counts

The results of the crowing counts are in. Find out how the pheasant population in the state is faring in this week’s webcast with upland game biologist RJ Gross.

Conservation and Outdoor Skills Park

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department’s Conservation and Outdoor Skills Park at the State Fair is located near the north central edge of the fairgrounds and open daily during the fair from 1-7 p.m. Visitors can stop by to fish or try their hand at the air rifle and archery ranges. There are also several displays to explore including a furbearer exhibit, a live fish display, native prairie plantings and more. Stop by for a visit while you’re at the North Dakota State Fair!

Salmon Update

Lake Sakakawea has some very deep, cold water that is unused by most fish, so in 1970 the Department began stocking salmon in the lake. Now, each year from about mid-July through August, anglers can enjoy some great salmon fishing in Lake Sakakawea. Learn more about the lake’s salmon and the salmon stocking program in this week’s webcast.

Pronghorn Season Preview

The annual aerial pronghorn survey was completed last week. The survey showed a drop in the state’s pronghorn population, but also the highest fawn to doe ratio since 2002. So what does that mean for this year’s hunting season and ongoing population management goals? Find out in this week’s webcast with big game supervisor Bruce Stillings.

Early Canada Goose Season Preview

The early Canada goose season is almost here. This season is used to help control resident populations of Canada geese that can cause depredation problems for farmers if left unchecked. The season starts August 15. Find out more in this week's webcast.

2017 PLOTS Guide

For the last 20 years the Private Land Open To Sportsmen program has been helping to provide critical habitat and quality hunting opportunities in North Dakota. Learn more about PLOTS in this week’s webcast.

Breeding Duck Survey 2017

Each year the Department conducts a breeding duck survey to help monitor duck populations. Find out more about this survey in this week's webcast.

Wildlife Management Areas Rules and Regulations

Wildlife Management Areas are popular recreation spots especially during the summer months. This week's webcast reviews some of the regulations in place to protect our WMAs and help ensure that visitors have opportunities to enjoy these areas throughout the year.

Birding in North Dakota

Hundreds of bird species either call North Dakota home or migrate through the state annually making birding a very rewarding activity for North Dakotans. In this week's webcast nongame biologist Sandra Johnson gives some helpful tips for viewing and identifying birds.

Free Fishing Weekend

North Dakotans who want to give fishing a try are reminded they can fish for free June 3-4. That is the state’s Free Fishing Weekend, when all residents age 16 and over can fish any North Dakota water without a license. Residents age 15 and under do not need a fishing license at any time of year.

2017 Deer Lottery Preview

It is time to apply for the deer lottery. This year there will be 54,500 licenses available (5,500 more than last year). Find out more about how this upcoming season is looking in this week's webcast. Note: Application Deadline is June 7.

RAP Auction

RAP Auction - May 20, 2017 at the State Fair Center in Minot (doors open 10 a.m.)

Aquatic Nuisance Species Update

Aquatic Nuisance Species continue to be a concern in the state. Find out what is being done to try and control their spread and how the state is faring so far in this week's webcast.

Fishing Reports - Southeast and Red River

In a continuation of our spring fishing preview series, today's webcast covers the fishing prospects in the southeast fishing district and the Red River.

Fishing Reports - Northeast and Northwest Districts

In a continuation of our spring fishing preview series, today's webcast covers the fishing prospects in the northeast and northwest fishing districts.

Fishing Reports - North Central and Southwest Districts

In a continuation of our spring fishing preview series, today's webcast covers the fishing prospects in the North Central and southwest fishing districts.

Fishing Reports - South Central and Missouri River System

With spring comes open water fishing. In the next few weekly webcasts, Department fisheries staff will discuss the fishing outlooks for areas around the state. Today's webcast focuses on the south central fishing district and the Missouri River system.

Boat Ramp Update

The ice is disappearing off North Dakota's waters, and soon it will be time to haul out the boat and head to the boat ramp on your favorite lake or river. Watch this week's webcast for an update on the status of North Dakota's boat ramps this spring.

Fishing Outlook

With spring here, ice is beginning to give way, and open water fishing is just around the corner. So how is the 2017 summer fishing season shaping up? Get an overview in this week’s webcast with fisheries division chief Greg Power.

Online Services Update

Upgrades have been made to the North Dakota Game and Fish Online Services system to improve backend processes and website usability. The look of the updated system is now similar to that of the Department's main informational website. All functionality from the old system such as lottery applications, license purchases, boat registrations, etc. is present in the updated system, but purchasing and application processes will look somewhat different. Learn more in this week's webcast.

2017 Spring Advisory Board Meetings

2017 spring advisory board meetings are scheduled from Monday, March 27 - Tuesday, April 4. Learn more in this week's webcast.

2017 Moose, Elk, and Bighorn Sheep Lottery Preview

Find out how the 2017 moose, elk and bighorn sheep seasons are looking in this week's webcast with wildlife division chief Jeb Williams.

Spring Light Goose Conservation Order

With the spring like temperatures and melting ice, light geese have already started moving through the state. The spring light goose conservation season started on February 18 and runs through May 14. Learn more about this conservation season in this week's webcast.

Aerial Deer Survey

This winter started out fairly rough but has mellowed considerably since December. Find out how the deer are faring in this week's webcast.

National Archery in the Schools Program

The North Dakota National Archery in the Schools Program state tournament will be held March 17-18 at the State Fair Center in Minot. The tournament will feature team and individual categories in elementary, middle school and high school, including awards and prizes, and up to $20,000 in college scholarships available to the top 10 boys and girls in each grade division. Learn more in this week's webcast.

Spring Turkey Season Preview

Believe it or not, it is time to start thinking about spring hunting seasons! In this week's webcast with upland game biologist Rodney Gross, find out how the prospects for the spring turkey season are shaping up.

2016 Game and Fish Violations

2016 game and fish violation statistics are in. Find out how things went in this week's webcast with chief game warden Bob Timian.

Winterkill Lake Potential

In this week's webcast learn about the cause of 'winterkill' (winter fish die-offs) in North Dakota lakes. What is it? How do we test for it, and how are our lakes looking this winter?

Mid-winter Waterfowl Survey

Learn about the nationwide mid-winter waterfowl survey.

Winter Wildlife

The mild winters of the last few years are a fond memory to many of us faced with this year's seemingly endless snow and frigid temperatures. For our wildlife that snow, piling higher and higher each storm, is more than just an inconvenience. It can present insurmountable challenges. Learn more in this week's webcast.

Game and Fish Challenges for 2017

Learn about some of the challenges the North Dakota Game and Fish Department will be facing in 2017.

Ice Fishing Preview East

Watch this week's webcast for an overview of ice fishing prospects in eastern North Dakota.

Ice Fishing Preview West

One benefit of the cold weather the last couple of weeks is that lakes and ponds are freezing up, and ice fishing season has begun! Watch this week's webcast for an overview of ice fishing prospects in western North Dakota.

Legislative Preview


The 2017 legislative session starts January 3. Learn more about Game and Fish related legislation in this week's webcast. - Game and Fish Related Bill Listing


Ice Fishing Rules and Regulations

Ice is starting to form on our lakes and ponds, and soon it will be time to break out the ice fishing gear. This webcast discusses some of the regulations currently in place for ice fishing in North Dakota.