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Webcast Audio

Audio files listed here are derived from the North Dakota Game and Fish Department weekly webcasts which feature Department news, people and projects, hunting and fishing previews and more.

Early Canada Goose Season Preview

The early Canada goose season is almost upon us. This season is used to help control resident populations of Canada geese that can cause depredation problems for farmers if left unchecked. Find out more about this season in this week's webcast. For more information about this season also see

Salmon Update

Learn more about the salmon fishing prospects on Lake Sakakawea this summer, and find out how you can help with an ongoing salmon study in this week's webcast with fisheries biologist Russ Kinzler.

2016 Pronghorn Season Preview

Pronghorn numbers are up from last year. Find out what that means for this year's pronghorn season in this week's webcast with big game management supervisor Bruce Stillings.

Conservation and Outdoor Skills Park State Fair

Come visit us at our Outdoor Skills Park at the North Dakota State Fair July 22-30. Visit our exhibits and try your hand at fishing and more.

WMA Rules and Regulations

In this week's webcast wildlife division chief Jeb Williams talks about some of the wildlife management area rules and regulations.

Operation Dry Water

The Department is participating in 'Operation Dry Water' a nationwide effort aimed at reducing boating while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Learn more in this week's webcast with game warden Jackie Lundstrom.

Baby Animals

Many animals across the state are raising young this time of year. What should you do when you come across wild baby animals? Learn more in this week's webcast.

Breeding Duck Survey

North Dakota Game and Fish migratory game bird management supervisor Mike Szymanski talks about the breeding duck survey in this week's webcast.

Boating Safety

The summer boating season is in full swing. View this week's webcast  with boat and water safety coordinator Brian Schaffer for tips on staying safe out on the water.