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Black bear

Black Bear

Black bears are seldom aggressive and rarely injure people, however there are some basic steps you should take to avoid dangerous interactions with bears:

For more bear safety information see the

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Fact Sheet
Scientific Name Ursus americanus
Tracks Track Front–6" L, 4" W Rear– 7" L, 5" W Walking stride: 17" - 25"
Total Length 50-70 inches
Weight 88-308 pounds
Habitat Prefer forested areas with dense understory.
Breeding Season June-July (peak breeding season)
Gestation Period 7-8 months (delayed implantation)
Litter Size 1-5 (average 2)
Social Aspects Generally solitary except females with cubs.
Status Black bear are occasionally seen in forested areas of North Dakota. There is no known breeding population of bears in the state.
Food Habits Omnivorus - Fruits, new grass, forbs, mast, some animal matter.