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Blue-winged Teals

Blue-winged Teal

North Dakota Game Species
Fact Sheet
Scientific Name Anas discors
Wing spread 24 inches
Body length 15 inches
Weight 0.9 pounds
Description Males are small grayish brown ducks with a sky blue wing patch. In spring they have a large white crescent in front of the eyes. Females are drab brown with a paler blue wing patch.
Nesting Habitat Prefer nesting in large blocks of undisturbed grasslands and grassland edges.
Clutch size 10 eggs
Incubation period 24 days
Status in North Dakota The blue-winged teal is the most common duck in North Dakota. Birds arrive later in spring than many duck species, nest in May or June and are the first to migrate south in mid-September.
Food habits Surface and shallow water feeders on small aquatic plants and animals in wetlands.
Fun Facts Blue-winged teal migrate farther south than any other North American duck, into the Caribbean,Mexico and South America.