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Bufflehead Pair


North Dakota Game Species
Fact Sheet
Scientific Name Bucephala albeola
Wing spread 24 inches
Body length 15 inches
Weight 1.1 pounds
Description The bufflehead is a small duck.Males have a black head with green iridescence and a white wedge-shaped crown patch, black back and white chest and belly. Females are generally brown and black with a small white spot behind the eyes.Males have a large white shoulder patch; both sexes have a white speculum.
Nesting Habitat Buffleheads are cavity nesters, often using older woodpecker holes.
Clutch size 9 eggs
Incubation period 30 days
Status in North Dakota Buffleheads are fairly common during migration seasons. Those ducks that do nest in North Dakota are found most commonly in the Turtle Mountains and other forested areas.
Food habits Feeds primarily on aquatic insects and other invertebrates.
Fun Facts At times, limited nesting sites put buffleheads in competition with starlings and woodpeckers for nesting cavities.