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Green-winged Teal Male

Green-winged Teal

North Dakota Game Species
Fact Sheet
Scientific Name Anas crecca
Wing spread 24 inches
Body length 14 inches
Weight 0.7 pounds
Description Males are small grayish brown ducks. From late fall through spring, males have a chestnut head with green patch extending from the front of eyes to crest. Females are drab brown. Both sexes have green wing speculum with white bars.
Nesting Habitat Nests in grasslands near water in dense stands of grass, weeds, and brush.
Clutch size 8 eggs
Incubation period 21 days
Status in North Dakota The green-winged teal is a fairly common migrant through North Dakota but nests here in small numbers.
Food habits Feeds on mud flats for mostly seeds and other vegetation.
Fun Facts The green-winged teal is the smallest of ducks, and one of the most energetic fliers.