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Mallard Pair


North Dakota Game Species
Fact Sheet
Scientific Name Anas platyrhynchos
Wing spread 36 inches
Body length 25 inches
Weight 2.8 pounds
Description Mallards are large ducks. From late fall through spring, males have a glossy green head, brown chest, and gray back. Females are a drab brownish gray. Both sexes have a glossy violet blue wing speculum with white bars.
Nesting Habitat Highly variable in nest site selection, but do best in large blocks of undisturbed grassland cover.
Clutch size 9 eggs
Incubation period 28 days
Status in North Dakota The mallard is abundant during migration seasons, and commonly nests in North Dakota, and some birds winter in the state anywhere there is open water and food.
Food habits The mallard is highly adaptive, feeding on a variety of foods ranging from aquatic seeds and grains to acorns.
Fun Facts The mallard is one of the most researched animal species in the world, and the most abundant in the hunter' s bag.