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Shovler group

Northern Shoveler

North Dakota Game Species North Dakota Species of Conservation Priority II
Fact Sheet
Scientific Name Anas clypeata
Wing spread 31 inches
Body length 19 inches
Weight 1.5 pounds
Description Shovelers are a medium-sized duck with a distinctive large bill. From late fall through spring,males have a glossy green head, white chest and chestnut sides. Females are a drab brownish gray. Both sexes have a blue wing patch, and glossy green speculum with white bars. Its wings are identical to blue-winged teal, except larger.
Nesting Habitat Typically nests in tall undisturbed grass cover.
Clutch size 10 eggs
Incubation period 24 days
Status in North Dakota The northern shoveler is common during migration and nesting seasons in North Dakota.
Food habits Shovelers feed on plankton, fingernail clams and aquatic insects.
Fun Facts Shovelers have the most unusual feeding habits of any duck. At times, tight groups of several dozen birds will rotate in a pinwheel fashion, stirring up the surface water.