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White sucker illustration

White Suckers

Sucker Family: Suckers are native fish and as their name implies, have sucker-like mouths with large lips and no teeth. They are suited to feed on the bottom and serve as forage for other fish.

White Sucker Identification

  • No spines in its fins
  • Many small scales
  • Ranges from a dark color above to a light color below, being darker in color during the spawning season


White suckers are found in both rivers and lakes and may be taken by anglers who fish with worms on the bottom.

White suckers may become overabundant in lakes and must be managed to allow room for other more desirable fish to live.

It is not legal to use suckers in most North Dakota waters as baitfish.

This management technique is used to prevent introduction and overpopulation of suckers in area waters.