State Wildlife Grant - T-10-R

Project Title

Comparative Evaluation and Inventory of Small Mammals and Herptiles in SW ND

Target Species

Small mammals, reptiles, and amphibians


July 2005 – June 2007


Dr. Rick Sweitzer and John Leonhart, University of North Dakota


In this study we will reassess the distribution and diversity of small terrestrial vertebrates in southwestern North Dakota and determine the extent to which changes in climate and land use may have altered community structure by range shifts or localized extinctions of individual species. Data on relative abundances, species richness, and species diversity will be compared between the mid 1970s and present to identify potential long term changes in small nonvolant terrestrial vertebrate communities between sampling periods. Data on land use in the region will be compiled and used to control for any potential effect of changes in habitat or landscape attributes on the animal communities.