State Wildlife Grant - T-15-R

Project Title

Sage-steppe Prairie Conservation Planning

Target Species

Sage-steppe species including


July 2006 – June 2010


Deb O'Neill Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies


Degradation and loss of sage-steppe and prairie habitats have contributed to many species in these habitats becoming federally listed as endangered or threatened, or recognized by states and other entities as imperiled, at risk, etc. Further declines in sage-steppe and prairie habitats will increase the number of at-risk, etc. species and lead to further federal listings. Many of the affected or potentially affected species are migratory, and/or have distributions that include two or more states. Multi-state conservation efforts are thus essential to addressing these problems and to ensuring that such species are restored to or maintained at levels sufficient to ensure long-term viability and to preclude the need for federal listing. Key elements of success in such efforts will be: (a) a cohesive, comprehensive rangewide conservation strategy; (b) effective coordination to develop the rangewide strategy; and (c) strong support in each state, and among diverse interested and affected parties within the target area for developing a rangewide strategy.