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State Wildlife Grant - T-26-R

Project Overview
Project Title
Establishing Amphibian Population Levels in Local Sites of North Dakota
Target Species
Canadian Toad and Plains Spadefoot
May 2008 – Dec. 2010
Dr. Chris Beachy and Ken Cabarle, Minot State University

Project Description

This project is being developed to provide field-based learning opportunities in natural resource management for tribal community college and university undergraduate students. The project will help develop and assess basic non-game monitoring protocols as related to the study of amphibian populations and conservation biology. Additionally, it is envisioned that baseline data gathered over the three years of the program will facilitate development of a GIS model capable of predicting population parameters for amphibians given a known suite of meteorological, hydrological and environmental variables for a given wetland or wildlife management area. This type of model could be beneficial to the required North Dakota CWCS 10 year assessment in 2015.