State Wildlife Grant - T-3 and T-8-R

Project Title

Demographic Performance of Prairie-nesting Shorebirds and Raptors in North Dakota

Target Species

Marbled Godwit, Upland Sandpiper, Wilson’s Phalarope, Willet, Northern Harrier, Short-eared Owl


Oct. 2003 – June 2007


Scott Stephens, Ducks Unlimited


Several prairie-breeding shorebirds and raptors have been identified as species of concern yet basic life components necessary for these species are currently inadequately addressed. Almost no information is available beyond general habitat preferences for these species. Thus, for example, although species of shorebirds require wetlands for foraging and grassland for nesting, the reproductive success of breeding birds is likely affected by many important habitat and landscape factors that have yet to be identified. Statistical models that identify the key habitat and landscape characteristics are critical to achieve success with management programs. This project will create powerful tools to identify the most important areas for populations of shorebirds and raptors across the Missouri Coteau region of North Dakota.