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State Wildlife Grant - T-44-R

Project Overview
Project Title
Amphibian and Reptile Surveys of Southeastern North Dakota
Target Species
All reptiles and amphibians
April 2014 -- Dec. 2015
Dr. Matthew Smith, North Dakota State University

Project Description

The results of this project will provide crucial information for the development of a Wildlife Action Plan for native herpetofauna and catalog species richness in habitats/ecosystems of concern in the study area. Our study will provide baseline data on habitat use, population size, along with current distribution information for all herpetofauna species within the study region. Multiple survey methods will be utilized, providing for the capture of a wide range of species. Presence/absence data for each species will be used in the state’s inventory database, regardless of taxa (small mammals, invertebrates, etc. will also be captured using some of these methods). Utilization of multiple survey methods will also allow for evaluation and development of a long-term monitoring design that reduces costs and maximizes results.