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State Wildlife Grant - T2-3-D

Project Overview
Project Title
Restoration and Enhancement of Mixed Grass and Sand Prairie in North Dakota State Parks
Target Species
Numerous grassland associated species
March 2009 – April 2012
Kathy Duttenhefner, ND Parks and Recreation Dept./ Natural Heritage Program

Project Description

Because so much prairie habitat has been lost or is in such bad condition in North Dakota, it is imperative to restore remaining habitat to be managed in a manner that can optimize breeding opportunities for grassland bird species and provide quality habitat for associated species such as insect populations. There is also a need in increase public awareness about prairie conservation and species of conservation priority. During 2009-2012 over 128 acres of tame grasslands and non-native dominated grasslands will be restored or enhanced. The goal and objectives address the on-the ground habitat conservation funding priority which focus on the creation, enhancement, or restoration of priority habitats. This project augments department’s natural resource management plan goals and objectives to restore disturbed or degraded areas to natural areas, native grasslands and healthy prairie and forest ecosystems.