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Posting Land Electronically

Step 1

You can access the site by clicking MyAccount at the upper right portion of the page.

Screenshot of system page with login links

Step 2

Enter your information to login or if you have never used the North Dakota Game and Fish Department online services, follow the steps to create a new profile
(see account creation tutorial for help logging into or creating an account.

Step 3

After logging in, scroll down your account page to the “Land Parcels/Electronic Posting” section.
Click the “Search/Renew Land Parcels” button.

Screenshot of My Account page showing parcels section

Step 4

Select a county from the drop down menu.

Screenshot of system page showing county selection

Step 5

Enter a section, township and range then click "Search".

Screenshot of system page showing other search criteria


Step 6

Once you entered you search criteria and clicked the Search button the results will display below.

Step 7

In the search results table, click the checkboxes next to the land you own or are authorized to post electronically, then click continue.

Screenshot of system page showing results listing

Step 8

Select the “Posted” button to post the land for the selected parcels.

Step 9

Follow the instructions on the page if you wish to include and publish any additional contact information.

Step 10

At the bottom of the page, click the checkbox to affirm you are the owner or authorized individual to post land.

Step 11

Click Publish to complete the process to electronically post land.

Viewing Posted Land

If you would like to view a map of posted lands, click on the link “View Electronically Posted Lands” on the right of the Land Parcels section of MyAccount.


If you have problems posting land, please call the Department at 701-328-6300 or contact us online.