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Accessing or Creating an Account

Most functionality in the online services application requires a user account (exceptions: magazine subscriptions, calendar and book purchases).


  • During the purchase/application process, do not use your browser's back button to navigate to previous pages. Always use the buttons provided within the webpage itself.
  • You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser in order to use the online services system.

Account Creation and Access

(Click on images to enlarge.)

Access Links
(Card 1)

Account access links screenshot 1

You can create or access an account by clicking on "My Account" or "Login" links at the top of any page.

Buy and Apply Page
(Card 2)

Buy and Apply page screenshot 2

Clicking on many of the links on the "Buy and Apply" page will also take you to the account access/creation page.

Customer Identification
(Card 3)

Name entry screenshot

Creating an account and accessing an existing account are very similar processes.

Enter your name and date of birth then click on "Continue".

Account Found
(Card 4)

More information page screenshot

If the system finds a record with your name and DOB, you will be asked to provide your driver's license number, the last 4 digits of your SSN, or another piece of identifying information.

(Note: The information that can be used in this step in the process is dependent upon what information the department has on file for you. The more complete your profile, the more types of identifying information you can use.)

Enter one of the available pieces of data and click "Continue" to complete account access.

No Account Found
(Card 5)

Create a new account confirmation page screenshot

If no account was found, you will have the option to search again or to create a new account.

NOTE: If you have done business with us before and the system does not find your account, please call the department at 701-328-6335. If you create multiple accounts, you may lose bonus points or be unable to renew boat registrations online.

New Account Information Entry
(Card 6)

New account info. entry page screenshot

To create a new account, fill out the required information, and click "Save".

My Account Homepage
(Card 7)

My Account homepage screenshot

Whether you created a new account or accessed an existing one, you should now be on your "My Account" homepage.

If you still have questions about or problems with accessing or creating an account after reviewing this tutorial, please contact the Department at 701-328-6335 or