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Licensing FAQs

General Licensing Questions

Why is a social security number needed when I purchase or apply for fishing and hunting license?

North Dakota is required by state and federal laws related to collection of child support, to record social security numbers from persons obtaining hunting, fishing, or other recreational licenses. The social security number serves as your principal identification number to determine license eligibility and preference in North Dakota. This information is kept confidential; however, it may be provided to law enforcement agencies and the State Disbursement Unit to enforce child support obligations. The citations for these laws are North Dakota Century Code 20.1-03-35 and 42 US Code 666 (a)(13) and (16).

What is meant by "it will be kept confidential"?

It will not be released for unauthorized use. It will not be released under the state open records law. The law makes any willful unauthorized disclosure by authorized personnel of confidential SSN and related records a felony. This means that those involved in collection of the numbers or handling these documents and numbers may face felony charges if they willfully disclose SSN for unauthorized use. An example would be a store clerk who provides SSN information to someone not authorized to have it.

How should license agents protect the SSN information they collect for license?

As of January 1, 2008, only the last four digits of an applicant's social security number have to be printed on paper applications.

How do I obtain a Federal Duck Stam?

Federal duck stamps are available for electronic purchase through the department’s website and instant licensing telephone number, or at license vendors registered with the department’s licensing system. Physical stamps are not available at North Dakota license vendors, but they can still be purchased at many U.S. Postal Service offices.

The electronic stamp is a purchase item like any other hunting or fishing license. When the purchase is completed the electronic stamp is valid immediately. The words ‘Federal Duck Stamp’ will be printed on the license certificate, along with an expiration date 45 days from the date of purchase. The actual physical stamp will be sent by postal mail.

The physical stamp is processed and sent by the official duck stamp vendor in Texas, and should arrive to the individual buyer well before the expiration date printed on the electronic license. The physical stamp must remain in possession of the hunter after the 45-day electronic stamp has expired. Individuals who have questions regarding the status of their physical stamp can contact the federal duck stamp vendor customer service number at 800-852-4897.

The federal duck stamp has a fee of $25. In addition, there is another $2 added to cover shipping and handling costs of the actual physical stamp.

NOTE: If you have not received your duck stamp within 30 days of purchase, please call 1-800-852-48.

Deer Hunting Specific Licensing Questions

I am disabled. How do I obtain a permit to shoot from a vehicle?

  • You must have a physician or chiropractor certify that you are unable to walk for the purposes of hunting or taking wildlife or have lost the use of an arm at or below the elbow.
  • Obtain from the Game and Fish Department the following form: "Request for Permission to Shoot from a Stationary Motor Vehicle" (form number SFN 6096);
  • Have your doctor or chiropractor fill out the physician’s statement on the form and send it to the Department for approval or disapproval by the director.
  • Obtain from the Game and Fish Department the following form: "Request for Permission to Shoot from a Stationary Motor Vehicle" (form number SFN 6096);
  • Complete the shoot-from-a-vehicle form and send it to the Department for approval or disapproval by the director.

How do I obtain a disability permit to take any deer while gun huntin?

  • You must have a physician or chiropractor certify that you are unable to step from a vehicle without aid of a wheelchair, crutch, brace, or other mechanical support or prosthetic device, or you are unable to walk any distance because of a permanent lung, heart or other internal disease that requires you to use supplemental oxygen to assist breathing (North Dakota Century Code Section 20.1-03-11, subsection 6);
  • Contact the Department for a copy of the form "Disability Permit to Take any Type of Deer While Gun Hunting" (form number SFN 6538).
  • Have your doctor or chiropractor fill out the form. Return the form to the Game and Fish Department for approval or disapproval by the director.

What deer licensing provisions have been made for North Dakota residents who are on active duty with the United States Armed Forces? ?

North Dakota residents who were on federal active duty with the United States Armed Forces under Title 10, stationed outside of the state and received the expeditionary medal or campaign badge during the previous year Deer Gun season and make application by June application deadline, are eligible to purchase one white-tailed Deer Gun license of their choice in the unit of their choice. Applicants are required to include documentation showing their award or qualification for the award with their application. Applications received after the June deadline will be issued based on licenses available.

North Dakota residents who are members of the United States Armed Forces stationed outside this state, who show proof of North Dakota residency, including a driver’s license number or a nondriver photo identification number from this state, and who pay the appropriate licensing fee, to be issued a regular deer gun season license without having to participate in the lottery.

What licenses do I need for deer gun season?

A fishing, hunting, and furbearer certificate, the general game and habitat stamp or a combination license, and the deer license. Gratis license holders need only the gratis license.

What licenses do I need to hunt on an Indian reservation, and whose rules do I follow?

If you hunt within the reservation exclusively on tribal lands, only a reservation license is required and tribal regulations apply. If you hunt on land owned in fee-title by a non-Indian within the reservation, a state license is required and all state laws, licenses and regulations apply.

I received a lottery license, and I own land in another unit. Can I hunt on my land in the other unit with my lottery license?

Only if the unit in which your land is located adjoins the unit for which you have the lottery license.

My spouse and I each have a gratis license for different pieces of land. Can we hunt on each other’s land?

Yes, but only if each other’s land is located within the same hunting unit.

If I apply for both a gratis license and a lottery license, does the gratis application affect my lottery chances for either first or second lottery?

No, applying for gratis does not affect your chances of getting drawn in the general lottery.

If I apply for a deer gun lottery license and also apply for a gratis license, how does winning a lottery license affect getting a gratis license?

If you are drawn in the general lottery, your gratis application is disqualified.

If I apply for both a gratis and a lottery license and don't get the lottery license, does this affect my points for the next year?

If you are unsuccessful in the general lottery, you will receive a preference point.

If I hold contract for deed do I hold title for applying for the gratis license?

No. The person who holds contract for deed does not hold title for purposes of applying for gratis.

Can I use my first season license during the muzzleloader season?

No. The first season license may be used only for the regular deer gun season.

I can’t find my deer license. What should I do?

Deer hunters who can’t find their deer license should contact the Game and Fish Department to make sure they have their tag before the season opens. The Department must be contacted by phone at 701-328-6300 or email, to authorize the online purchase for a replacement tag. Printable applications are not available.

What is the apprentice hunting validation (license)?

An individual born after December 31, 1961, who is 12 years of age or older and who has not completed a state-certified hunter education course, may be issued an apprentice hunter validation. An apprentice hunter validation is valid for only one license year in a lifetime. An individual in possession of an apprentice hunter validation may hunt small game and deer only when accompanied by an adult (at least 18 years of age) licensed to hunt in this state whose license was not obtained using an apprentice hunter validation. An apprentice hunter validation holder must obtain all required licenses and stamps. For purposes of this section, "accompanied" means to stay within a distance of another individual that permits uninterrupted visual contact and unaided verbal communication.

How do I purchase or apply for an apprentice license?

An apprentice hunter must purchase the small game license and apply for a deer license through the Game and Fish Department’s electronic licensing system. If the apprentice hunter wants to continue hunting beyond the initial trial year, the hunter must then complete a certified hunter education course.

To purchase an apprentice small game license.?

Access the online services page. Follow the regular licensing procedure, and leave the “hunter safety number” field blank.

To apply for an apprentice deer license.?

Access the online services page. Follow the regular application procedure, and leave the “hunter safety number” field blank.

I did not harvest a deer with my youth season license. Can I hunt the regular deer gun season with this license?

Yes, but you are subject to the restrictions listed on the license.

I was unsuccessful in filling my mule deer buck license in a restricted unit during the youth season. Can I hunt the remainder of the state during the regular gun season?

No. You are restricted to the same unit as during the youth season.

When is the earliest my son/daughter can apply for a youth season license?

The calendar year when he/she turns age 14.

My son/daughter turns 14 after the youth season opens but before the end of the calendar year. Is he/she eligible to apply for and hunt in the youth season?

Yes, this was a recent change by the state legislature.

What license is available?

One antlerless whitetail license, valid statewide.

My son/daughter turns 11 this year but after the youth season is over. Is he/she eligible to apply for and receive an antlerless white-tailed deer license?

Yes, legislation allows youth age 10 who turn age 11 during the same year as the respective big game season to receive a license.

When can youth hunt (antlerless whitetail) with a firearm?

Only during the youth deer season.

How do I apply?

Applications are available in early May along with other deer license applications.

Is the license considered a youth season license?

No. A youth season license is defined as a deer gun license for 13-, 14- or 15-year-old first-time deer hunters that is valid statewide for any deer, with the exception of antlered mule deer (issued by lottery) in select southwest units.

If my 10-, 11-, 12- or 13-year-old receives an antlerless whitetail license, will he/she remain eligible for a youth season license at age 14?

Yes, they still eligible for a once-in-a-lifetime statewide any-deer license.