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Managing Email and Text Notifications

The Department uses a service called GovDelivery to provide email and text notifications on topics like lottery application deadlines, hunter education classes, legislative updates, etc.

Links to the GovDelivery notification management page can be found in several places on the website including the homepage and the "My Account" page and can be used to sign up for the service and to manage subscriptions.


  • During the purchase/application process, do not use your browser's back button to navigate to previous pages. Always use the buttons provided within the webpage itself.
  • You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser in order to use the online services system.

Notification Setup and Maintenance

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Homepage Link
(Card 1)

Homepage link screenshot

The main subscription link can be found on the Department homepage in the "News" section.

Subscribe Shortcut

My Account Page Link
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My Account page link screenshot

A subscription link can also be found on the "My Account" page.

Type Selection
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GovDelivery subscription type selection screenshot

Select either Email or SMS/Text Message in the Subscription Type box then enter your email address or mobile phone number.

Topic Selection
(Card 4)

SMS/text message indicator

Select all the topics for which you'd like to receive an email or text notification then click on submit. You can unsubscribe from a topic or from all notifications by unchecking the appropriate boxes.

NOTE: If you wish to receive notifications via email, you may subscribe to any topic. SMS/text messaging topics are limited to the ones listed with an antennae icon beside them.

Updating Subscriptions and Unsubscribing
(Card 5)

GovDelivery subscription type selection screenshot

Links to manage subscriptions and unsubscribe can also be found at the bottom of each email sent from the GovDelivery service.

If you still have questions about or problems with the system after reviewing this tutorial, please contact the Department at 701-328-6300 or