Update Profile Information

The profile information on an account will be dependent upon the type of business the account holder has done with the Department. Licenses and lotteries require very detailed personal information like height, weight, eye color, etc. Other types of business require much less profile information.

All information required for a particular type of purchase or application will be initially entered during the purchase or application process. Once that information has been entered, it can be changed in the profile area of 'My Account'.

NOTE: During the purchase/application process, do not use your browser's back button to navigate to previous pages. Always use the buttons provided within the webpage itself.

Call to change...

  • For security and privacy reasons certain pieces of information, including SSN and DLN, will not be displayed on the profile page. Also SSN and DOB cannot be edited online. You must call the department (701-328-6335) to make those changes.

Email address required to change...

  • The contact email address on a profile is used to notify a customer when profile information on their account has been changed. This is to help detect unauthorized changes. You must provide a contact email address if you wish to update profile information online.

Viewing and Editing

Screenshot of profile eidt button at the top of the My Account page

Click on the 'Manage ... Profile' button at the top of the My Account page to view and edit profile/contact information.

Here you can view your profile information. If you'd like to make changes to any of it, just click on the appropriate 'Edit' button to go to the editing pages.

Screenshot of example profile page