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NASP Grant

(A North Dakota Game and Fish Department grant program)

The National Archery in the Schools Program is designed to promote international archery style target shooting during physical education classes in grades 4-12. The Game and Fish Department believes that exposing thousands of kids to a shooting sport such as target archery will add to recruitment of the next generation of hunters. The Game and Fish Department is responsible for training and certifying NASP basic archery instructors and overseeing the program in North Dakota. It is the Department's goal to deliver this program to as many schools as possible, and as such we have created a grant program to assist schools with getting started.

Grant Application

Grant Application Form (pdf 649)

Application Process

An important step in getting your school started is getting the physical education teachers and principal on board. One of the documents needed, whether you are applying for a grant or not, is a letter of support signed by the school's principal. This letter should state that he or she is aware of and supports the program, that it will be offered to students as part of their regular physical education curriculum during school hours.


The next step is to determine funding sources. The standard start up archery kit includes 12 Genesis bows, five targets, five dozen arrows, an arrow curtain, a bow rack, and a repair kit. The exact cost varies depending on manufacture and shipping costs at the time of purchase, but is approximately $3000. This grant works on a reimbursement basis, so your school will need to have funding in place for the full amount prior to equipment purchase.

The Game and Fish Department grant provides up to 50 percent of the equipment start-up costs. The school must come up with at least 50 percent matching funds. Other state, federal and nongovernmenal organization grant funds may be used for match. Included is a list of potential matching grant sources.

Other Grant Sources: Many schools have obtained grants from state, local, and national conservation and shooting sports organizations to help purchase the startup kit. We recommend that you start locally and work your way to national organizations. The bigger the scale (national) the more time and effort it takes to secure funding.

Suggested Grant Sources:

  • Boys and Girls clubs, Moose Lodge, Elks
  • State and national sporting goods retailers, local archery shops, etc.
  • Banks
  • Local chapters of National Wild Turkey Federation, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Mule Deer Foundation
  • National chapters of the above and Whitetails Unlimited

For additional fundraising ideas, go to the NASP website at: click on Instructor Resources and look for Fundraising Ideas.

What's the Next Step?

Send your application/grant application and letter of support from your principal to the Game and Fish Department.


Once your school is approved for a Game and Fish grant, you will receive a contract. This contract must be signed by the principal and returned to the Department. Once funding is in place and/or your grant has been approved, the state NASP coordinator will work with you to order equipment and schedule training.


The NASP Basic Archery Instructor (BAI) workshop is a one-day (eight hour) course. There is no charge for the training; however, the school is responsible for any travel charges. If training is taking place at your school, it is important to communicate with the person in charge of building scheduling and the custodian. The archery range is set up the day before training by the instructor trainer. It takes an hour or two depending on the site, and is usually done in the evening to avoid conflicts with other programming. The facility needs to be locked and remain vacant (other than school staff ) once the range is set up.

Equipment Order

The state coordinator will place the equipment order and set a shipping date sometime after your training is complete. Once the equipment is received and paid for, you can request reimbursement from the Department. The two items below will be needed before an order is placed.

Purchase Order #: Your school will need a PO for the equipment order to be placed. This can be any number (it's required by the manufacturer for shipment), but many schools want to tie this number into an accounting system. No form is necessary, just the number.

Excise Tax Exemption Form: Firearms, ammunition and archery equipment have a special tax placed on them at the manufacturer's level. Government agencies and educational institutions are exempt from this tax, but must fill out a form. This form is mailed to your school just prior to ordering equipment. Give this form to your school administrator to complete, and fax or return to the address on the form.


Once school personnel are trained and the entire kit is received (multiple shipments), you may request reimbursement from the Game and Fish Department. Send a letter requesting reimbursement, along with receipts or other documentation showing the equipment has been paid for.

Ongoing Costs

Ongoing costs for the NASP program are listed as $200-$500 on average per year. This is mostly for target face and arrow replacement, and is probably on the high side. During training you will learn how to repair arrows and make basic bow repairs. Recognizing that statistics show that nationally 27 percent of NASP participants purchase their own equipment, many archery pro shops are willing to supply arrow repair parts or repair arrows and bows free of charge. In 2007, the North Dakota Bowhunters Association approved funding specifically for equipment maintenance and replacement for schools involved in the NASP. Any of the organizations listed as potential funding for the startup kit would be good places to seek funding for equipment maintenance or replacement needs.

Odds and Ends

Painters tape and floor quivers are not included in an archery kit. Game and Fish will provide these for the training workshop, but the school will need acquire them prior to the first student class.

  • Painters Tape - $10
  • Floor Quivers - $20-$100

Varsity Archery

Varsity Archery is an extension of the NASP program an may be offered by schools participating in NASP. Learn more here.

For more information on the program or for additional fundraising options, contact the Department.