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Private Lands

No hunting is allowed, without permission from the landowner or leasee,
on private lands in North Dakota that have been legally posted either with physical signs or electronically.

Posting of Land to Prohibit Hunting

North Dakota statute provides in 20.1-01-17that an owner or individual authorized by the owner may post land, giving notice that hunting is not permitted on the land.

This notice may be done with physical signage or electronically in the Department's online application.

Both options require the name of the person who posted the land.

Physically signed land must be posted at a minimum of every 880 yards. Land entirely closed by a fence may be considered posted if signed at or on all gates of the enclosure.

Penalty for Hunting on Posted Land

Hunters may not enter land legally posted (electronically or physically) without first obtaining permission of the person entitled to grant the permission. A person who violates NDCC 20.1.01-18 is guilty of a class B misdemeanor (up to $1,500/30 days imprisonment) for the first offense and a class A misdemeanor (up to $3,000/360 days imprisonment) for a subsequent offence within a two-year period. The court shall suspend the defendant's hunting, fishing and trapping privileges for a period of at least one year, two years for the second conviction and three years for the third or subsequent conviction.

More Posting Information

Identifying Posted Lands

The Department offers map resources, mobile apps and printable maps that show lands posted electronically and lands in the PLOTS program. This information can be viewed on a computer, smartphone or printed.

Note: If land is posted physically but not electronically, it will not be indicated on maps. In the field, hunters must determine if land has been physically or electronically posted prior to entering.

The printable map sheets and map resources below include public lands and lands posted electronically.

The offline mobile application option (Avenza) can be used in areas where cellular service in unavailable. This application works with a smartphone's GPS to display the device location on a map.

Landowner contact information is available when using the online options of the map applications. To view information, click on the land parcel or right click on the map and click “Find data on map.”

PLOTS Guide Viewer

PLOTS Map Screenshot

Requires cell service to work in field

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PLOTS Guide Viewer

Avenza-Geospatial PDF App

Graphic depicting Avenza map on smartphone

Doesn't require cell service to work in field

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View Avenza

ArcGIS Explorer App

Graphic depicting ESRI map on smartphone

Requires cell service to work in field

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OnX Hunt

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Printable Maps

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PDF maps

View Printable Maps

PLOTS sign

Private Land Open to Sportsmen

Working together, private landowners and the North Dakota Game and Fish Department provide hunting access to many private lands via Private Land Open to Sportsmen agreements.

Lands open to hunting under these agreements are posted with PLOTS signs and can be found via the print and online map resources found here.

Note: This land changes frequently.