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Nonresident Licenses and Requirements

In North Dakota hunting, fishing and boat licensing fees support wildlife management area management, fish stocking, educational programs, wildlife and fisheries surveys, boat and fishing access, the PLOTS program, enforcement and more.

See Resident License Eligibility.

Nonresident Licenses

Deer gun, bighorn sheep and tundra swan licenses are issued by lottery and require special application procedures. Go to the Buy and Apply page to learn what lottery licenses are available at the present time.

Note: For a breakdown of licenses required by species/season please see the Licensing Requirements Quick Reference.


Prerequisite for all hunting and fishing licenses except spring light goose and early Canada goose licenses
Fee Amount
Fishing, Hunting, Furbearer Certificate (need only purchase one per year) $2
Prerequisite for all hunting licenses (except furbearer, nongame, spring light goose and early Canada goose)
Fee Amount
General Game and Habitat License (need only purchase one per year) $20
Fee Amount
Individual Season Fishing - nonresidents under 16 do not need a fishing license if accompanied by a licensed adult, except that paddlefish tags are required for all paddlefish snaggers. $48
Married Couple Season Fishing* $63
3 Day Fishing $28
10 Day Fishing $38
Paddlefish Tag $25.50
Big Game
Fee Amount
Deer Gun (1st Lottery) - Includes a $5 nonrefundable application fee. All but application fee is refunded if application is unsuccessful. After second lottery is held, a nonresident deer gun license is $50, if available. $255
Deer Bow $250
Bighorn Sheep - Includes $100 nonrefundable application fee. Successful applicants must pay an additional $500 for the license. $600
Small Game
Fee Amount
Small Game - a nonresident must choose between a 14-consecutive-day or two 7-consecutive-day license periods and may purchase more than one license per year. $100
Spring Light Goose
Fee Amount
Spring Light Goose - required for all nonresidents for the spring light goose season. Nonresidents under age 16 can purchase licenses at resident rates if their state has youth reciprocity licensing with North Dakota. Spring Light goose license does not count against the 14-day regular season license. $50
Early Canada Goose
Fee Amount
Early Canada Goose - required of all hunters regardless of age for the early Canada goose season. Ages 16 and older also need a federal waterfowl stamp. Nonresidents under age 16 can purchase license at resident fee if their state has youth reciprocity licensing with North Dakota. Early Canada goose license does not count against the 14-day regular season nonresident license. $50
Fall Wild Turkey
Fee Amount
Fall Wild Turkey - after the first lottery has been held, if licenses remain, nonresidents may purchase a fall wild turkey license. $80
Sandhill Crane
Fee Amount
Sandhill Crane - small game or waterfowl license also required. $30
Fee Amount
Swan – waterfowl license also required. Swan tags will not be mailed until other required licenses are purchased. $30
Fee Amount
Nongame, allows taking unprotected species such as prairie dog, skunk, rabbits and ground squirrels. $15
Furbearer and Nongame
Fee Amount
Furbearer and Nongame -  allows taking unprotected species and for hunting fox and coyote. $40
Nonresidents Reciprocal Trapping License - North Dakota offers a reciprocal trapping (includes snaring) license to nonresidents whose home state allows North Dakota residents to trap. Nonresidents having this license may not take bobcats, mountain lions, fishers or river otter. $350
Waterfowl Licenses. There are two types available.
Fee Amount
*1) A statewide license, allows hunting statewide for two 7-day periods or one 14-day period. $153
*2) A zone-restricted license that requires selection of hunting zones (zone map) according to the following restrictions: $103
  • A nonresident must select Zone 1 or Zone 2 for one seven-day period and Zone 3 for the other seven-day period or
  • Zone 3 for the full 14 days or two seven-day periods or
  • Zones 1 and 3 concurrently for the same 7-day period or zones 2 and 3 concurrently for the same 7-day period. This option effectively reduces the license to seven days only, as the two 7-day periods are run at the same time.
*Fees include license costs and ANS surcharge.
Federal Waterfowl Stamp (Duck Stamp)
Fee Amount
Required of all hunters ages 16 and older to hunt ducks, geese, swans, mergansers, brant and coot. Exception: Not required to hunt during spring light goose conservation season. $27
Harvest Information Program (HIP) Registration
Fee Amount
All hunters regardless of age must obtain a new Harvest Information Program registration number each year for each state in which they hunt ducks, geese, swans, mergansers, coots, cranes, snipe, doves and woodcock. Free

A Nonresident May Not Hunt Game and Fish Department Lands the First Week of Pheasant Season

Nonresidents may not hunt on lands owned or leased by the North Dakota Game and Fish Department, including state wildlife management areas and Private Lands Open To Sportsmen (PLOTS), for the first week of pheasant season. This restriction applies to all types of hunting, not just pheasants. This restriction does not apply to lands owned or managed by other state agencies that may be open to hunting, such as state school lands, federal lands that may be open to hunting, such as U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service waterfowl production areas, or to private lands not enrolled in the Game and Fish PLOTS program.