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Grassland Management

Prescribed and targeted regenerative treatments can be applied to native grasslands to intentionally enhance diversity in grass/forb composition, structure and floral availability; remove decedent thatch; restore degraded plant vigor; reduce invasive species; and stimulate soil chemistry. As a result, healthy, diverse grasslands provide quality wildlife and pollinator habitat, increased grazing resilience, improved water infiltration and continued sequestration and storage of carbon.

Regenerative grassland management includes prescribed treatment such as specifically timed and targeted animal impact/mob grazing, prescribe burning, sensitive area fence-outs, inter-seeding, brush removal, aeriation, herbicide application and fertilization.


  • Improved forage quality, vigor, and yield
  • Improve grass utilization
  • Improved diversity of plant composition
  • Decreased weed infestations
  • Improved soil health
  • Increased water infiltration
  • Increase wildlife and pollinator habitat
  • Decreased soil washouts and erosion
  • Improved animal health and productivity
  • Increased stocking rates

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USDA-NRCSAudubon DakotaThe Nature Conservancy The Mule Deer Foundation

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