Riparian Restoration on Western Wildlife Management Areas (SWG T2-1-D)



The National Wild Turkey Federation was awarded this State Wildlife Grant from North Dakota Game & Fish (NDGF) during the fall of 2008. Three primary objectives were identified in the proposal:

  1. Complete 180 acres of Russian olive removal/control on Western Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) to include 40 acres on Ochs and the balance on Trenton and Lewis &Clark WMAs.
  2. Improve habitat conditions on WMAs by creating openings for terrestrial wildlife species.
  3. Increase public awareness regarding the problems with Russian olive invasion in riparian systems and re-enforce the values of riparian areas to North Dakota’s wildlife, people and economy.


Authors and Contributors

National Wild Turkey Federation - Jared W. McJunkin

Research Category

Target Species

Sturgeon Chub, Sicklefin Chub, Flathead Catfish, Red-headed Woodpecker, Bald Eagle, Golden Eagle, Northern Redbelly Snake, Russian Olive

Approximate Completion Date




SWG Russian olive riparian WMA chub catfish woodpecker eagle snake
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