State Wildlife Grant - T2-1-D

Project Title

Riparian Restoration on Western Wildlife Management Areas

Target Species

Numerous species


Feb. 2009 – March 2011


Jared McJunkin, National Wild Turkey Federation


Russian olive is a non-native, exotic, woody invader that out-competes native vegetation such as cottonwoods and willows; degrades wildlife habitat; and reduces recreational values. Russian olives have contributed to a change in the riverine habitat across the Western U.S. by shading river banks, by reducing available water resources, and by displacing native plant species, both herbaceous and woody. The goal of the proposed habitat improvement project is to address habitat fragmentation by removing a non-native, invasive tree species (Russian olive) from a native ecosystem (riparian systems). The project will restore riverine systems to a more historical state and directly benefit species identified as Species of Conservation Priority in the North Dakota Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy. The restoration efforts will target Wildlife Management Areas around the Missouri-Yellowstone River confluence.