Status of Selected Fishes with immediate conservation need in North Dakota (SWG T-14-R)


The goals of this report are to synthesize our study of fishes of the Red River Basin with emphasis on 17 rare species, and provide distribution maps for these species. During the summers of 2006 and 2007, we conducted 137 different sampling occasions at 125 different locations on 40 different streams. We deployed sampling gear a total of 185 times. Eight species of concern (chestnut lamprey, hornyhead chub, largescale stoneroller, northern redbelly dace, pearl dace, silver chub, trout-perch, and yellow bullhead) were collected in the Red River drainage. We did not find silver lamprey, blacknose shiner, blackchin shiner, carmine shiner, finescale dace, logperch, and pugnose shiner, which were historically collected in Red River tributaries. Hornyhead chub was collected at the most sites and was the most abundant, followed by trout-perch. Hornyhead chub was found in the Forest and Park rivers whereas trout-perch was collected in five watersheds. We determined that the species of stoneroller present in the Red River basin is the largescale stoneroller, Campostoma oligolepis.

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Dr. Charles Berry, South Dakota State University

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Stream Fish in select drainages

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