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State Wildlife Grant - T-14-R

Project Overview
Project Title
Status of Selected Fishes with immediate conservation need in North Dakota
Target Species
Stream Fish in select drainages
July 2006 – Dec. 2008
Dr. Charles Berry, South Dakota State University

Project Description

July 2006 – Dec. 2008 North Dakota has prepared a Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy that addresses the needs of all fish and wildlife species, with priority on non-game species in greatest need of conservation. The cost of protecting these species of concern while they are somewhat common is less than restoring depleted populations and dealing with potential influences on how public and private land is managed and used if the animal is listed as federally threatened or endangered. The study will provide a greater knowledge about little-studied, non-game species. The study will also completion of the first step in comprehensive wildlife conservation planning, which is learning the distribution, abundance, and key habitats of rare animals. Taxonomic data on all rare species, but especially the stonerollers, will allow preparation of accurate lists of fishes in each watershed. By gathering information in a systematic and proactive way, the negative impacts of endangered species listings might be avoided in the future.