State Wildlife Grant - T2-8-R

Project Title

Influence of Habitat Types on Grassland Bird Diversity

Target Species

Numerous grassland associated species


March 2010 – Dec. 2012


Dr. Katherine Mehl, University of North Dakota


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Devils Lake Wetland Management District (DLWMD) plans to reseed 3,035 hectares of formerly cropped waterfowl production areas. The area will be reseeded to diverse, multi-species native seed mixes over the next 15-years. This is a new restoration practice in this region, and therefore limited data is available on the wildlife response. Our goal is to develop a graduate project in partnership with the DLWMD to study grassland bird use of the previously described restorations. This research is designed to monitor the relationship between grassland songbirds and prairie restoration. This is a management driven study that embraces the process of adaptive management articulated in the CWCS.