Special Allocation Lottery Apps Due Jan. 1

Nonprofit organizations that are eligible to receive big game hunting licenses in 2018, must have the application submitted to the North Dakota Game and Fish Department no later than Jan. 1.

Deputy director Scott Peterson said as a result of a legislatively mandated study, Game and Fish worked closely with the 2017 state legislature on a strategy to allocate special big game licenses for fundraising purposes.

“House Bill 1025 was a result of that effort,” Peterson said.

The bill provides direction for the Game and Fish director to allocate big game hunting licenses to eligible organizations. Under this directive, up to two elk, moose and pronghorn licenses, and 10 white-tailed deer licenses, can be issued to organizations, which can then use them for fundraising.

Eligible organizations must be exempt from federal income taxation under section 501(c)(3), and must provide a copy of the letter from the Internal Revenue Service to that effect. In addition, organizations must be active and in good standing in the office of the North Dakota Secretary of State.

Successful lottery applicants must agree to donate at least 10 percent of the net proceeds of any license raffle to a conservation-related project, such as hunting access, conservation education, habitat development and shooting range management. 

Updated 02/15/2018: The lottery has been held. The following licenses were awarded:

Moose 1 -             Crosby Blue Line Club

Moose 2 -             Tioga Fire Department

Elk 1 -                     Williston Trinity Christian School

Elk 2 -                     West Fargo Hockey Association

Pronghorn 1 -      Make-a-wish Foundation of North Dakota

Pronghorn 2 -      Stutsman County Wildlife Federation

Whitetail 1 -        Emerado Rural Volunteer Fire Department

Whitetail 2 -        Delta Waterfowl Foundation

Whitetail 3 -        Veterans Outdoors Adventures

Whitetail 4 -        Mayville State University Foundation

Whitetail 5 -        Watford City Police Foundation

Whitetail 6 -        AX Booster Club

Whitetail 7 -        Our Redeemer’s Lutheran Foundation

Whitetail 8 -        Better Living for Garrison

Whitetail 9 -        Shiloh Christian School

Whitetail 10 -      Capital City Young Guns