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Administrative Rules Hearing Set Dec. 16

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department will hold a public hearing to address proposed new rules and amendments to Title 30 of the North Dakota Administrative Code. The hearing is scheduled for 1:15 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 16 at the agency's main office in Bismarck. 

The purpose and an explanation of the proposed rule changes follow:

Chapter 30-04-03. Section 30-04-03-17. Hunting guide and hunting outfitter examination. An amendment to administer written examination electronically.

Chapter 30-05-03. Section 30-05-03-22. Violations are noncriminal. An amendment to change the fee from thirty-five dollars to seventy-five dollars.

Chapter 30-05-01. Section 30-05-01-02. Boat safety equipment. An amendment to update United States coast guard approved fire extinguishers.

Chapter 30-03-01.1 Section 30-03-01.1-04. License limitations. Amendment to remove a retail bait vendor from losing their license if they had been convicted of a state or federal criminal game or fish violation in the past three years.

Chapter 30-03-01.1 Section 30-03-01.1-05. Assistants covered by license. Amendment to update wholesale bait vendor assistants requirements.

Chapter 30-03-01.1 Section 30-03-01.1-08. Interstate transport. Amendment to add bait vendor import of creek chubs.

Chapter 30-03-01.1 Section 30-03-01.1-13. Prohibited waters for taking legal live aquatic bait. Amendment to update language for bait vendor permitting.

Chapter 30-03-01.1 Section 30-03-01.1-15. Inspections and records. Amendment to give 90 days for wholesale bait vendors to provide required records compared to 30 days in the past and proposed change for licensed wholesale bait vendors to submit their records to the Department before a new license can be issued.

Chapter 30-03-06 Section 30-03-06-01. Equipment.  Amendment to add equipment entering a body of water must be free of aquatic nuisance species, may be inspected by a Game and Fish employee, and boat docks, lifts and related equipment must be dried for a minimum of three weeks before being placed in another water.

Chapter 30-03-06 Section 30-03-06-05. Water prohibited.  Amendment to change state water commission to department of water resources.

Chapter 30-01-01 Section 30-01-01-01. Organization and functions of the game and fish department.  Amendment to update organization of department.

Chapter 30-04-09 Section 30-04-09-01. Electronic posting system.  Create a new chapter relating to electronic posting system.

The proposed rules may be reviewed at the Department’s office at 100 N. Bismarck Expressway, Bismarck, ND 58501-5095, or website A copy of the proposed rules may be requested in writing from the above address, or by calling 701-328-6305, or emailing Written or oral comments on the proposed rules sent to the above mailing or email address, or telephone number and received by Dec. 27, 2022 will be fully considered.

Anyone who will attend the public hearing and need special facilities or assistance relating to a disability should contact the Department at the above address or phone number at least seven days before the public hearing.