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Landowners and Department personnel at a wetlands restoration project site

See What We’re Accomplishing Together

See What We're Accomplishing Together

Find out how the North Dakota Game and Fish Department is working with farmers, ranchers and other groups to help improve habitat for fish and wildlife, and to increase quality fishing and hunting opportunities.

Odland Dam Project

State and local partners are working together to improve an important fishing and boating destination.


Ranchers and researchers are working together to discover how different grazing rotational patterns impact grasslands and grassland birds to help determine which rotations are most beneficial to both cattle and birds.

Prairie Boat Ramps

Private landowners make many of our prairie fisheries possible by allowing the creation of public boat ramps on their lands.

Creating New Prairie Walleye Fisheries

Creating a new walleye fishery is a cooperative effort involving the Department and private landowners who provide lake access. Find out more about the process in this short video.

More on walleye in North Dakota can be found here.

 Tri-Cities Group Award Photo

Tri-Cities Group Recognized

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department has honored the Tri-Cities Joint Job Development Authority for its ongoing efforts to develop and maintain public-use facilities used and appreciated by anglers.

Meadowlark Initiative

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department announces a new statewide strategy that teams landowners, conservation groups, scientists, and others in a collective effort to save native grasslands. Learn more about the Meadowlark Initiative.

Bill Haase (left), Virgil Schlosser (center), Carol Schlosser (right)

Schlosser Earns WMA Award

Virgil Schlosser, with Hettinger County Water Resource District, was named the North Dakota Game and Fish Department’s Wildlife Management Area Partnership Award recipient for 2021 for his work on Indian Creek WMA.

Meadowlark on a fence post

In the News

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department joined other conservation groups in sponsoring the recent North Dakota Grazing Land Coalition workshop in Hazelton as a part of the North Dakota Meadowlark Initiative.

Conservation Forage Program

The North Dakota Conservation Forage Program has an open enrollment for private landowners through August 6, 2021. Learn more here!

Rice Lake Landowners Provide Boat Access Site

Rice Lake in Emmons county is a popular fishery year-round. However, high water in 2020 flooded the existing boat access site making access to the lake difficult. Private landowners Mark and Jean Hollaar have stepped in and contributed a site for a new ramp.

Controlling Erosion

To address erosion that created a 12-foot drop-off along 4,000 feet of James River shoreline, one avid hunter and landowner worked with the North Dakota Game and Fish Department and other local partners to regrade and stabilize the bank, creating habitat for wildlife and PLOTS land for hunters.

Wetlands Restoration Project

In this week’s segment of North Dakota Outdoors, Mike Anderson takes us to Kidder County to preview a project where more than 50 wetlands are being restored.

Defending Rice Lake's Fishery

When rising waters threatened to create a pathway for damaging, invasive fish to enter the outstanding Rice Lake fishery, the North Dakota Game and Fish Department worked with local landowners to create a barrier to protect the lake.

Protecting Critical Riparian Areas

In conjunction with the Save Our Lakes program and landowners, the Department is helping to install solar powered wells to provide water to cattle that would otherwise cause damage to important riparian areas when searching for water.