Deer with CWD

Chronic Wasting Disease

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The threat of CWD is a serious concern to North Dakota and its natural resources. CWD affects the nervous system of members of the deer family and is always fatal (scientists have found no evidence that CWD can be transmitted naturally to humans or livestock). CWD will not likely be fully understood without the assistance, cooperation, and commitment of big game hunters and their families throughout the nation. As we learn more about the disease and its impacts on wildlife, we will keep the public informed.

A number of states have recently established regulations or recommendations on the transportation of hunter-killed deer and elk. Out-of-state hunters should be familiar with the regulations in the state in which they hunt. For more information on transportation regulations and recommendations in other states, see the CWD Alliance Web site

North Dakota Hunter-Harvested Surveillance Program

The Department will continue its Hunter-Harvested Surveillance Program during the 2017 hunting season (units and collection sites)

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State Agencies:
Colorado Division of Wildlife
Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources
Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
South Dakota Game, Fish and Park
Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
Wisconsin Dept. Natural Resources
Wyoming Game and Fish

Federal Agencies:
USDA, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
National Wildlife Health Center

Canadian Provinces:
Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Other Organizations:
CWD Alliance
American Veterinary Medical Association
Chronic Wasting Disease Alliance